Paul's Story

When Paul attended his first aid course with his hiking club last two weeks ago little did he know that just days after he finished his course that he would be using his training for real.

This is the email that Paul sent me

Dear Chris

A big THANK YOU to you!!!! After the first-aid course we had last weekend, I met a real world case today!

An elderly fell over on my way back to home, and I was the first first-aider there! I had a actual practice the DR.ABCDEF, and called the ambulance. In the end, the ambulance came in time and took it over.

I am so glad that I have possibly saved a life today! and that all thanks to your teaching! What you are doing now is very meaningful!!! 

Paul Wong

Paul was following the easy to remember accident procedure he covered on his course and more details of what he covered on his course can be found here