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Safety and Rescue Essentials is a new resource which gives the paddler an insight into the techniques required for staying safe and performing simple rescues on moving water.

Topics include

  • Planning, preparation and incident avoidance

  • Kit, equipment and boat set up

  • Swimming in whitewater

  • Simple rescues such as shouting, reaching and throwing

  • Mechanical Advantage systems

  • Boat based rescues (canoe and kayak)

  • Using a chest harness

  • Entrapment situations

  • Accessing Steep ground

The resource is paddler friendly and features plenty of real action pictures to bring it to life

The printed version of Safety and Rescue Essentials is currently out of stock. New stock is expected at the start of October. If you purchase now please be aware that your order may not be fulfilled until this time

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The PDF version of Safety and Rescue Essentials is freely available, but if you find it useful and would like to pay for it, please use the link below